Alternative Sociale offer support to foreigners

Between September 2013 - June 2014, Alternative Sociale's specialists offer counseling and psychosocial assistance to third country nationals legally established in Romania. They can receive social, material, medical and juridical support from Alternative Sociale.


For receiving counseling and assistance, the foreigners can address the "Information and Counseling Center for Foreigners" in Iaşi, which can be found at 24 Nicolina street, bl.949, ground floor, tel. +40 332 407178. At this center, Alternative Sociale's counselors offer material support, mediation for medical services, support for the access without any discrimination to the medical and educational systems in Romania and other services aiming to cover the integration needs of foreigners. Through the migrants which can receive support, also are the syrians which came, in the last months in Iaşi, as a result of the actual conflicts in Syria.


These activities are developed wthin the porject "National coordination for the integration of third country nationals in Romania" implemented by the International Organization for Migration, Office in Romania, co-financed by the European Union, through the General Inspectorate for Immigration - Ministry of Internal Affairs, from the European Fund for Third-Country Nationals, Annual Program 2011. The project supports the social, economic and cultural integration of third country netionals in Romania through 15 information and counselling centres through which foreigners receive information, specialized services and assistance adapted to their needs.

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