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Footsteps away from human trafficking - Stay Free!


“Footsteps away from human trafficking - Stay Free!” is a Rațiu Center for Democracy program that encourages and supports human trafficking survivors, advocates for the better implementation of anti-trafficking legislation and works with community members to fight modern day slavery.


Started in 2006 as “Not for sale – Choose for your own sake,” the program focused mostly on prevention and awareness campaigns. In 2013, the program was re-branded as “Footsteps” in order to respond to the more recent needs present in Romanian society. The current program facilitates access to medical, legal, psychological, literacy, and vocational services for survivors.

The “Footsteps” anti-trafficking program is supported by the Rațiu Family Charitable Foundation, London, UK and is partnered with organisations and institutions who share the goal of prohibiting slavery, including through forced labor and human trafficking, banning torture, and stopping inhumane and degrading punishment or treatment.


Contact details:

Raţiu Center for Democracy

1 Decembrie 1918 Square, No.1

401094, Turda, Cluj County, Romania

Tel: (004) 0264-317555

Fax: (004) 0264-306350

E-mail: office@footsteps.ro

Web: www.footsteps.ro

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