Betania Association
Betania Association

Established in 1995, Betania Association is a humanitarian organization which supports all disadvantaged categories of the community. Its mission is accomplished by social, health and education projects.

Since 2004, the Betania Association has been recognized as a public utility organization by the Romanian Government.


What Betania Association does:

- Works individually and intensively with autistic children, preparing them for a successful integration in schools and kindergartens;

- Offers excellent opportunities for young people discharged from foster homes in Bacau and Bucharest, facilitating their integration in the community and ensuring their preparedness for a decent living;

- Ensures protection, counseling and reintegration in the community of victims of trafficking in human beings;

- Prepares young people with disabilities for integration on the labour market;

- Helps the recovery of people with orthopedic and posttraumatic disorders of the musculoskeletal system, patients with rheumatic and neurological diseases by hydrokinetotherapy, speech therapy and psychological counseling services;

- Supports poor families, people with disabilities, families with many children, homeless people, detained people and young people, by providing financial and material assistance, psychological and legal counseling, social welfare and support for finding and keeping a job;

- Supports people in financial difficulty in order to settle some serious medical conditions;

- Provides scholarships to pupils and students with modest socio-economic situations.


Contact details:

19bis Nordului Street

600241 - Bacău, Romania

Tel: (004) 0234 206016

Fax: (004) 0234 586002



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