The testimonials of the Romanian women saved from the pimp’s hands: ”You can never forget!”
The testimonials of the Romanian women saved from the pimp’s hands: ”You can never forget!”

Almost nine hundred Romanians became victims of trafficking during the last year abroad. The phenomenon is so severe that event the Embassy of the United States in Bucharest sounds an alarm and supports a nongovernmental organization which will make hundreds of kilometers in Romania, for informing the people about the pimps’ traps.

” You can never forget. Never. You might recover, but the scars are for life!”, said one of the victims.

This is the shocking testimony of a woman victim of human trafficking. Teodora is 35 years old and is one of the almost 900 women saved from the pimps’ claws last year. Unfortunately, the young woman was the victim of her own family. Her mother in law took her to Belgium and forced her to sell her body in the street, under the threat that she will never see her baby again. “They said that I have to earn 300 euro each day end send them every Friday. I couldn’t recognize myself anymore. I wasn’t the same person. You want to kill yourself, to hurt yourself. You are furious, aggressive, your personality changes”, said the woman.

Fortune smiled to her one day. In a police routine control she was discovered and sent back to Romania. Arrived in the country, she started gathering proofs to unmask the offenders in her family. “My partner decided to go to Belgium with another girl and make her prostitute herself. I gathered proofs to prove that I was forced in prostitution, I sent them to Belgium and they arrested him.”

The newest method used by traffickers for finding victims is the lover boy method. A trafficker succeeds in seducing a girl, makes her fall in love with him, convinces her that he is willing to establish a family together, and then proposes her to prostitute for a decent income. “You need to behave very well with a woman to keep her next to you. The woman is worst than an animal. I paid them the rent, the food, gave them presents, we took them out. We buy them gold, what we saw they were looking at in the shops. I established with them to split the money in half and they accepted. I started with two. In two years I had 16 women”, said the trafficker Tudor Viola.

When nice words can’t mask the terrible reality anymore, the traffickers change the sheet. Most young woman, even minors, are sequestered and forced to have dozens of clients each night, are beaten and don’t get any money from the huge amounts entering in the pimps’ pockets. According to the authorities, most vulnerable persons are those from the rural area, with a low level of education, from disorganized families and most of them are under 25 years old.

“There are official numbers, which relate to the victims which wish to be identified and go further with the penal procedures. Dolj, Braşov are in the top counties with a high rate of sexual exploitation”, declared the chief commissar, Cătălin Dragota.
Over 70% of the victims identified last year were trafficked and exploited outside the borders, in countries such as Spain, Greece, Italy, Holland, Austria, Germany, Great Britain and France. “We think that 27 million people around the world are victims of human trafficking and modern slavery, in a way or another. 27 million. It’s an important number which needs to draw our attention”, said Dean Thompson, Charge d'Affaires in the USA Embassy.

With the support of the US Embassy, a nongovernmental organization will start a caravan for informing Romanians about the risk of being trafficked and about the traps of the offers which sound too good to be true. Five volunteers will stop in 16 cities in Romania, within 37 days. It will be a voyage of 896 hours, the number of victims of trafficking in Romania in 2013.

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